How To Prepare Your Puppy For A Training

In puppy training, keep in mind that a pet will do anything to please his owner. Once your pup starts to feel that learning things or following commands is fun, he will definitely adapt quickly. At first, you goal should be more on establishing a trust, having mutual respect, and understanding the actions and capabilities of your pet.


We know that accidents can happen and we cannot do anything that would prevent them, so it is important that you know how to interact with your pet when accidents take place. You should never hit your pup when he does his potty in an unacceptable area. Hitting your puppy will result in having a very unhappy or dangerous dog. Punishing your pet will not help you to teach him anything you want because it will just scare him. Punishing your puppy will just make him afraid of human beings. Keep in mind that terrified pets may become aloof, shy or withdrawn. In some cases, dogs will react to being hit by barking and trying to fight back.


According to pet experts, using positive reinforcements such as giving rewards or praises especially if your puppy does something good is an excellent way to train your puppy. For instance, praise or reward him if you see him doing his business properly. Training a puppy can be difficult, but it can be easier by using positive reinforcements. However, do not forget to use corrections when training a puppy. You may combine positive reinforcement if you notice correct behaviors and gentle corrections for those unacceptable actions.


It is best if you could start the puppy training as soon as you bring your pet home. Systematic puppy training will help you to have a dog that knows how to follow commands and will make you the happiest dog owner around.